Our Mission

The St. Ambrose Center for Catholic Liberal Education and Culture exists to extend the University of Dallas’ core mission—that the pursuit of wisdom, of truth, and of virtue are the proper and primary ends of education—to the world at large. Through its various initiatives, the St. Ambrose Center aims to assist all we encounter, from K-12 students, parents, teachers, and administrators to alumni and friends of the University, in their pursuit of the moral and intellectual virtues, to enkindle and foster a desire to live out these virtues in their daily lives, and to encourage them to pursue their own good as well as the good of their families, communities, country, and church.

The initiatives of the St. Ambrose Center place special emphasis upon the classical liberal arts and the rich, time-honored tradition of Catholic liberal education. As the University of Dallas is dedicated to the recovery of the Christian intellectual tradition, and to the renewal of Catholic thought and practice in fidelity to the Church and in constructive dialogue with the modern world, the St. Ambrose Center plays a critical role by providing educational resources, experiences, and opportunities for those beyond the boundaries of the University’s Irving and Rome campuses to do the same. While pursuing these goals, the Center also seeks to stimulate and support communities of strong-minded, stout-hearted persons who are committed to the recovery and renewal of the Western heritage of the liberal arts and liberal education.


Liberal Learning for Life creates, cultivates, and connects lifelong lovers of the liberal arts. The Liberal Learning for Life Podcast features compelling, pithy and rich conversations with UD friends and faculty. Read More

The Arts of Liberty Project is an ongoing educational initiative at the University of Dallas that educates students, teachers, and lifelong learners in the purpose and power of the liberal arts and liberal education.
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The Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program offers free video series in which lifelong learners can explore the many ways in which the human person has been understood in the Catholic and classical traditions.
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Grounded in the venerable Western tradition of the liberal arts and liberal education, the Classical Education Graduate Program at the University of Dallas aspires to form teachers and administrators for service in K-12 schools committed to recovering and renewing that inspiring and fruitful tradition. Read More

The K-12 Classical Curriculum Project seeks to develop curricula that, through rigorous study and thoughtful conversation, train students’ minds toward “sobriety of thought, reasonableness, candor, self-command, and steadiness of view” (St. John Henry Newman). Our curricula invoke wonder, establishing a foundation for engaging conversations and thoughtful interactions. The lessons guide students to think about and to love the true, the good, and the beautiful. Read More